Our story? We both began our creative journey in the Midlands and somehow ended up meeting on the gorgeous west coast of Ceredigion, Wales, two decades into our lives. The idea for a media business started in an almost cliché way - one dreary night mid-winter over a pint of cider. It was also almost exactly a year since we met!

- Felt cute, made a business, might launch it later - Angharad and Soph .gif

Sophie studied Art and Design at Carmarthen School of Art and is just beginning a Marketing degree at Aberystwyth University. The views once accompanying holidays became the landscapes for her every day musings. She spent her first few years in Wales working with her parents setting up a holiday let business and dancing off to festivals with a different shade of dyed hair each time. When she’s not playing animal crossing, designing a wonderful virtual island, she’s working on designs for the business.

Angharad began with her own photography business in 2018 after graduating from Aberystwyth University with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and a Masters in Law. When she was knee deep in essays about cross-border legal issues on the internet, working in coffee shops and supermarkets, and pulling her hair out about moving back to a city, the only thing keeping her in one piece was running around a scenic welsh town with a camera. How could anyone take themselves away from endless sunsets, rolling hills, and ample opportunity to take photos of friends, family and breath taking weddings. So she didn’t leave! – (there may have also been a boy involved).

Ang noticed Soph’s natural flare for marketing and genuinely for real, pestered Soph for a few months to make a business together – never really sure if it was a joke being taken too far. One day in the library, Soph opened up the Companies House page and slapped the upfront fee for registering a business and boom – we were Facebook legitimately official. We tactfully selected a launch day unbeknownst to us that coronavirus was lurking around the corner to ruin our cute launch day plans (we had planned a cute balloon banner and hoodies!). If you enjoy our portfolio and think our photographic energy suits your event, please drop us an email to have a chat over tea and hot chocolate.